The Daily Think: Personality

During a walk last night, I pictured all four of my grandparents hovering in front of me, a set of animated marble busts hanging in the night air and watching me go in circles around the lake. I was fortunate to know all of them long enough in life that I could really know their personalities. My father’s father passed when I was 16, my mother’s mother when I was 26, and my other two grandparents are alive with fully functioning opinions at 92 and 98.

Imagining all four of them there in front of me and their four distinct personalities, I registered in a new sort of way that I am a combination of all four of those personalities, filtered through the time and culture into which I chanced to be born. The peacemaker and the stoic, the lady who lunches and the creative weirdo in the fez who watches the live stream of local funerals. The personality of me and of anyone is so arbitrary, so utterly random. It matters less than it seems. What is real is so much simpler than that.