The Daily Think: Stuff

I spent a lot of time this weekend getting rid of stuff, organizing stuff, and cleaning stuff. It seems weird to need to get rid of stuff when I just moved (and did the accompanying stuff purge) less than five months ago.

The house in which I live and work is 1,070 square feet and the space feels extravagant. There is stuff in the closets but nothing bursting. Still, there’s enough stuff in here to make me claustrophobic, and I had been eagerly awaiting this weekend off to get rid of the stuff that is cluttering up my space. But, when it was all done, I had one large box of things to give away and one large box of stuff to recycle from my office. It was far less than I expected.

I’ve long had this minimalist dream, in which I have a basic uniform that occupies one small closet, and nothing that is non-functional unless it is really intensely delightful. At the same time, when I think about the stuff I have too much of – clothes, shoes, coats, doodads – I recognize that amassing them was a form of self expression. This is who I am. A dainty vintage dress. Combat boots. Sexy heels. Glass birds.

What a privileged problem to have. As I round the corner to forty, perhaps the resolution of my stuff-angst and claustrophobia is channeling all of that self-expression more creatively, or at least in a way that is more fulfilling.