The Daily Think: The Big Boss

The sign in front of the church read, “WORK FOR THE LORD! THE RETIREMENT BENEFITS ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD!” I’m not much of a god person, but I appreciate a good, clever church sign (even the hokey ones) as much as anyone, and it gave me a smile on my drive home from getting groceries.

Giant has stopped selling Tofutti cream cheese in favor of Greek-style cream cheese, which annoyed me as much as it amused me because that was the worst thing that happened to me today. I really have nothing to complain about.

Anyway, something about the church sign stuck with me. In the midst of the vocational chaos that has seemed to take over my life lately, I thought, “Wait, who do I work for again?”

There’s a saw among the new-agey spiritual types that your work, whatever it is, is your ministry. Not everyone is made to be in a “spiritual” vocation, or needs to be. Some deeply spiritual people are accountants and hospital administrators and cashiers. But the instruction goes that your work is your ministry, no matter what is, not matter how rote or pedestrian the tasks. Your work is your ministry.

I took that to heart many years ago, but somehow lost sight of it. It was easier when I was teaching, of course, and easier at times when I had a “fun” job. It’s less easy now, but that is the point, I suppose. It doesn’t mean I need to stay in chaos, but while I’m here I need to remind myself: “Who do I really work for?”